all works were made in 1997-2001 with macromedia director and are based on algorithms programmed in lingo. adobe's shockwave/flash plugin is required for viewing (still, some works do not display correctly (showing red rectangles) or might not run at all).

dextro initiated in 1997 and dedicated it to interactive animations. he invited his then girlfriend (who from then on called herself lia) to participate. together they explored director's possibilities and made the first block of works. later they contributed to the project individually (blocks 2-8).
dextros idea for this project was to let viewers participate in the generation of images and sounds, in contrast to showing them finished pictures, which he had been doing on since 1994. he also wanted to enable an intuitive approach by not offering any written explanation or concept, not even worktitles. another aim, which, like the before mentioned, was a reaction to the negative aspects of the art business, was to obscure the artists' personalities and let the works speak for themselves, hence no introduction of the authors was given. and lastly, turux was to be kept free of commercial interests and advertising, out of the conviction that profit seeking does not have to drive artistic expression and might even pervert it.
it came naturally that turux, as it gained more attention, served as a means of expression of political opinion and, since ghb and cannabis played some role in the making of (at least dextro's) works on this site, to speak up against the war on drug users (usually misleadingly called the "war on drugs").
idea, concept, name, logo, typeface and interface design: 1997 walter gorgosilits. 91 works were made by dextro (black numbers in the menu), 35 works by lia (white numbers).
in 2001 lia decided to leave turux to work on her own projects. in 2004 she chose to stop her works from being shown on this site, which is why the links behind white numbers are disabled.

dextros current works can be seen at